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Beauty 60 APP

Beauty 60 APP

Dear Designers, Beauty Event want to offer you better sales and we think in a economic weeknd event and thinking in the customers that it is more convenient for them to find the articles in the same place. Beauty Event is characterized by having a good traffic. We love to have your assistance

We offert you one stand with 60 prims for only 300L$ Weeknd An you can put the products you want for 60L$ this is the mandatory price. ♥


•Contact the Beauty 60 manager: LadySoraya Ruby – Cristy82 [ Please , send NoteCard ]
•Pay you rent box, you can pay 1 Weeknd or 4. (If you pay the 4, you secure your spot all the month).
•All Thursdays at 12PM, your booth must be set up with all the items.
•On Mondays the stands are reset. •Remember to respect your prim limit.

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