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Beauty 60 APP

Beauty 60 APP

Dear Designers, Beauty 60 Event wants to offer you better sales and we thought of an economical Weekly event and thinking of customers who find it more convenient to find the items in the same place. Beauty 60 Event is characterized by having good traffic. We love to have your assistance
•Beauty 60 consists of 2 options: a booth in the SIM and its store at the same time, both for the same price (you can choose one or both).
We hope to have your participation.

We offer you a stand with 60 prims for only 500L$ weekly and you can put the products you want between 60 and 90L$. ♥


•Whether you participate from your store or from our sim, Your items must be ready before 12PM on Thursday.
If you participate from your store, you have to leave a note with the photo of your items on sale and SLurl of your store, in the mailbox next to the rental boxes.

•You must put in your store the Beauty 60 logo next to the panel with invitation to the group and delivery of Hud.

•You will only be able to pay your rental box if you have been accepted.
It is not necessary for you to contact us, we will contact you if you have been accepted.

•More instructions in the Welcome Package that we will give you in the case of being Accepted.

•Paydays: From Monday to Wednesday of each week

•Contact the Beauty 60 manager: Sory Rizzo -ELVAZ Macpherson – LadySoraya Ruby [ Please , Only NoteCard ]
•Pay your rent, you can pay for 1 week or 4. (If you pay 4, you will get an Extra week).
•Every Thursday at 12PM ( Limit Time ), your stand must be ready .
•On Wednesdays at 12 PM we will be return all the items..

•Open Event Friday at 12 PM.

•Remember to respect your prim. limit.

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About payment

The fee should be paid only after your participation is confirmed. *