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The Best Brands * The Best Articles

Look for the Beauty Price Label and you will get items at 77L$

SPECIAL PROMO: If you pay 2 Months, the 3º Month is FREE.

At Beauty Event we want to bring together the best designers to offer the best opportunities to our clients. Please, before you pay Promo let to * Maximinius mcmahon* know it.

• We ask 1 exclusive item (mandatory) & 1 item in «Beauty Price» (mandatory). Beauty Price is an special request of us to the all of the designer where you must to sell one color or item in 77L$ (we provide to you the special label).

• Remember to send your articles to bloggers so that your article is more seen, this benefits you and the event.

• Categories you can join: clothing, jewelry, furniture, tattoos, accessories, animations, gadgets, cosmetics, hair, shapes, home and garden decoration, etc…

• Allowed scripts:
– Landmark giver
– Social Media
– Redelivery

• Media Partners :

* Media partner: Media SL, Seraphim, Happy 99L$, Fitmesh Fanatic, SL F&O, Power Woman And Mesh Body Friends, Teleport Hub, Glamazon – Boutique Event, PANDORA Fair, 101L Event, Jail Event, POSEvent, The Darkness Monthly Event, XXX Original Event, Beauty 60L$

► Schedule:
* Days set up every month 15 from 19 – The designer who does not comply with the setup days, will be sanctioned (1000L$).

– Open event: Day 21.
– Closed event: Day 11 of next Month

► Sponsor fee 3500L$ | 150 PRIMS
► Sponsor Isle fee 4500L$ | 150 PRIMS
► Regular fee 2500L$ | 60 PRIMS
► Regular Isle fee 3500L$ | 100 PRIMS

► GENERAL MANAGER – LadySoraya Ruby

► MANAGER Setup – lllalejandralll
► MANAGER Bloggers – Dolce KiraEdumetal Lavarock
► OWNER – LadySoraya Ruby